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The International Educational Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that brings together the world's finest students and the United States' educational system. IEFAUSA has recently been added to the exclusive list of CBOs (Community Based Organizations) which can be found in the Common Application.

Mission: Our mission is to provide guidance, counseling, professional development and financial assistance to poor and needy middle school, high school and college students (domestic and international) for their education.

Vision: Our vision is to increase the accessibility of an American education internationally because we believe the United States has one of the world's finest higher education programs.



IEFAUSA is dedicated to bridging the information gap between international students and American academic institutions. We provide guidance to students and parents on school selections, scholarship opportunities, test preparations, admission applications and educational funding.


IEFAUSA also helps to promote study abroad opportunities for students and prepares them for leadership roles in today’s world through an international education. We assist immigrants and foreign students make the challenging transition to a new environment by providing financial help, proper educational guidance and confidence.


We believe in empowering new immigrant parents, especially those who were educated outside the United States. Through this commitment, we hope to foster the exchange of knowledge and cross-cultural understanding.

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