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Caring and Sharing Program

One of the most important aspects of IEF is the caring and sharing program. This program not only incorporates the officials of IEF, but makes use of the previous experiences of older IEF Members.

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Advanced Education Program

IEF has been known to model after some of the brightest students. As IEF recognizes the potential of their students, the organization provides opportunities to participate in advanced educational options.

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Multimedia Program

There are various objectives that IEF follows to help create better and brighter students for the future. One of our objectives is to prepare our students with projects where they are given the responsibility of creating and presenting information.

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Volunteer Service Program

As an organization dedicated to improving the community, IEF gives back to the people it serves by volunteering in many ways.

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Health Education Program

IEFAUSA provides assistance with health education, such as immunizations for college requirements. As universities vary in required health documents, students need to constantly be aware of the changes and requirements.

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